December 2, 2022 Review

5th Floor DMV is a fake ID vendor that offers quality Fake IDs without breaking the bank. They offer middle tier quality at prices to match that.


Their website is very clean and easy to navigate. It’s comfortable on the eyes and has a very simplistic design. On their ordering page they show the security features that your ID will have. They also have an FAQ page that answers most basic questions but may leave you wanting more.

Customer Service

They took about 3-4 days to respond on average, which isn’t bad but may be a bit slow for some. They answered with expertise and were very pleasant. They are only open for questions Monday through Friday.


5th Floor DMV has a simple ordering process that you would expect with most vendors. You can expect it to take anywhere from 10-15 minutes from start to finish to complete your order. They do require registration which some may see as a hassle. At the time of ordering they only offered 9 different states which seems somewhat limited. They accept both Bitcoin and Western Union, which is a bit narrow compared to other vendors. They offer rush orders for 25% more of your total cost which they will put you at the top of the queue. We received our ID in about 3.5 weeks, longer than the promised 1-2 weeks.


Pricing is around $80-$90 for most IDs, with their South Carolina ID costing $100. They offer a bulk pricing as well. However, this does not give as much of a discount that you may expect with other vendors. They have a modest price that matches the quality of their IDs, and each ID comes with a duplicate for free. They do seem to be offering coupon codes at most times.

Quality & Security

5th Floor DMV states all their products are guaranteed to scan, pass a blacklight test, and have the holograms to replicate a real ID. We had ordered one of their Alabama IDs to put this to the test. At first glance it looks legit and good quality. The picture has some small spots when looked at closely. The state seal UV is a bit low quality but is correctly placed. The lamination was good on the ID with no issues so far. The ID seems to have trouble scanning at most times but does scan on occasion. This ID could easily be used at most stores without issue but may be deemed fake by more experienced people. Their packages are shipped discreetly.

Do we recommend

If you’re looking for a cheaper option that offers a decent looking ID, this may be your vendor. They are somewhat limited in the IDs they offer which may be a deterrence to some.


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