December 2, 2022 Review is a fake ID vendor known for its cheaper and lower quality IDs. They do not sell fake IDs as you’d expect, but their own template. They have been in business since 2007.


Overall, their website is very difficult to use and can be a bit cluttered at times. They have an FAQ page that is somewhat limited and will leave you asking many questions. They have no guides to help you take photos correctly. This can be somewhat of a hinderance to newbies who do not understand the correct way to take your photo, and in return you get a lower quality ID.

Customer Service

They took about a 6-7 days to respond to our support tickets and the responses were somewhat lackluster. They didn’t seem too enthusiastic about helping and just wanted to get to the next customer.


Ordering an ID from this website is not newbie friendly whatsoever. They offer a confusing page where you can add and remove IDs and enter all the information on a simulated ID. It will be very confusing for most on what they need to fill out and the correct way to do such. We have received our ID in 6 weeks after ordering, which is quite the wait. They do have a large variety of payment options which is a plus.


The IDs come for about $50 each, which is definitely on the cheaper side. The quality does resemble this price and you will get what you paid for. They also provide free shipping.

Quality & Security

We had ordered one of their international student ID and what we got was very amateurish and sloppy. The photo was rushed, and you can see obvious mistakes upon closer look. The lamination is ok but probably will not last long. The hologram also was also a tad bit low quality.

Do we Recommend Fake ID?

Not for most people. They offer a unique ID that you probably won’t be able to find at many other vendors. The quality of their ID resembles the price they are charging. They took their time shipping the ID and took an excessive amount of time for us to receive it. If you want a cheaper student ID to get discounts at stores this ID may work for you, but besides that there are better options.


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