December 2, 2022 Review is a fake ID vendor that claims “high quality and reliable fake IDs”. They are an obvious scammer and will not fulfill your order.


Their website is bland and cluttered. It has a million links and is all over the place. The images are inconsistent and low quality. The website loads very slowly and works very unpredictably. It seems to be made in a rush. They ironically have a Scam Alert page that alerts you of any “scammer sites” while being one themselves.

Customer Service

They had responded to us about a question we had before we had ordered after about 2 weeks of asking. Their answers were uninspiring and unprofessional. After ordering our ID they cut ALL communications and did not send us a single response.


Ordering is a complete pain combined with their slow website. They only accept bitcoin which is extremely limiting. Limited payment options are a red flag for many websites They offer nearly every state which is possible because they do not make any IDs.


They charge premium pricing on most IDs which range between $99-$110 for most. This is a premium price to pay for an ID that you will not be receiving.

Quality & Security

After 9 weeks wait, we did not receive our California ID we had ordered. It is clear why they only offer bitcoin and that is so you cannot charge back your order.

Do we Recommend

Nope. They try to pull you in by offering a “quick” processing time while also offering nearly any state. They hope to trick people who do not know better to impulse buy while not seeing any of the obvious red flags. They answer their customer service questions until the order is placed, in which they completely avoid communication. They are an obvious scam and should be avoided.


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