December 2, 2022 Review

IDChief is a relatively new vendor, however there are a few of reviews around claiming high quality fake ids with decent turnaround times.


At first glance, the website looks somewhat difficult to navigate. There are plenty of useless links that lead nowhere (specifically the social media icons at the top). The website does have a FAQ but it doesn’t contain very much useful information. Overall, the website looks rather mediocre. Most of the links lead to nowhere, and a lot of the functions don’t work (such as the slideshow images). Hopefully the quality of the ids can make up for the website.


The ordering process is similar to most others; register an account, log in, choose your ids, place your order, and pay. Fortunately, IDChief doesn’t only accept Bitcoins. They accept BTC, Zelle bank transfers, and Western Union. It’s always refreshing to see a vendor that doesn’t restrict their payments to Bitcoin only.


So here’s a huge redeeming factor for IDChief. His single pricing is between $70 – $80. Pretty average. However, once you start doing group buys the prices drop significantly. Once you hit a group of 10+ people, the prices drop from $80 each to $50 each. And don’t forget this is for a high quality ID including a FREE duplicate!

Quality & Security

So just a first impression of the Connecticut driver’s license is ‘WOW’. Seriously, the template is spot on. The OVI goes from completely invisible, to vibrant and colorful, meaning that IDChief is most likely using REAL OVI INK. That really is a feat in the ID world. Not too many vendors are able to source real OVI ink. The photoshop is flawless, with proper shadows added. The photo I sent was relatively high quality. The signature is perfect; exactly how I wrote it before uploading it to the order form. I wrote it in red pen and it’s been properly colored black to fit on the license. The perforations are perfectly aligned and the hole size is just right (compared to a real CT license). I can honestly say I am in love with this ID! The template is beautifully crafted, the OVI and perforations are spot on, there are no issues with it scanning on apps and at liquor stores, and the price was extremely low when comparing to other Ids of the same quality. If I didn’t know it was a fake, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be able to tell even if it was sitting beside a real CT driver’s license. Needless to say, I’m very impressed.

Do We Recommended

Absolutely, I would recommend IDChief to anybody who wants an amazing east coast ID. Although I have not tested IDChief’s other products, I can only imagine they are of similar quality. I am going to knock off 1 point for the website. IDChief, if you ever read this review, please consider fixing up your website. It’s something that a lot of vendors overlook, however it takes away from the experience of purchasing, and can lead to customers going elsewhere due to confusion. All in all; amazing ID, mediocre website, decent turnaround time (3 weeks), and again, amazing quality.


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