September 25, 2022 Review Is an unreliable Fake ID vendor. They are nothing more than a scam and should be avoided. They charge very high prices promising high quality IDs and are anything but legitimate.


Their website is very messy with an ugly color scheme. It is extremely outdated and unprofessional which just raises a red flag right off the bat. Their grammar is broken and very sloppy. They have a limited FAQ page with uninspired answers. They claim that they can make your ID before you pay, but this will be nothing but a photoshopped photo.

Customer Service

We had contacted the customer service at their email, and we are yet to receive a response. After nearly 7 weeks after our order, we have not received our ID, nor have we received a single response.


Ordering off this website was very bland and uninspiring. They have no tips on how to fill out your information and what format to do it in. They have a very basic tutorial on how to take your photo, again with unprofessional and broken grammar. They offer most states (another red flag) as they do not actually create their IDs.


Their prices are an astounding $125 for one ID with minor discounts for large bulk orders. They accept Bitcoin and Western Union as payment methods. Paying them through their website is very suspect and sketchy.

Quality & Security

We had ordered a South Carolina ID over 7 weeks ago from ID God, and still to this day we have not received it. We have attempted contact numerous times with their customer service and have had no success. It seems very obvious that they have no plan on fulfilling our order, or any order for that matter.

Do we Recommend

Not at all. They are clearly yet another scamming website. Their unprofessional website, broken grammar, and nonexistent customer service should be major red flags that they are just attempting to make some quick money. If you send them your money, you will NOT receive your ID nor will you receive a refund. Stay away from IDGod.


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