December 2, 2022 Review

ID God is a fake ID vendor that has been selling fakes for over 15 years. Their experience has given them the expertise to provide a consistent and pleasing experience.


You can access their website at They make this clear as there have been some fake sites trying to imitate them. Their website is very simple and easy to navigate. Although it may seem a bit outdated and bland at first, it gets the job done. They have an in-depth guide on how to take your photo perfectly with many examples. On every ID page it explains in great detail what they have done to make it look like a real ID.

Customer Service

ID God always got back to us within 72 hours. They answered questions in a professional and honest manner and treated us with respect. It may be a bit slower than some may expect but the quality of the response was well worth the wait.


Ordering from ID God is a quick process that can be completed with relative ease. They do require registration which can be a hindrance to some, but after that it is an easy task. You can expect it to take about 10-15 minutes to fill out your information.


Their pricing is $100 each for 1-2 Ids, $80 each for 3-9, and $70 each for 10 or more. Every ID comes with a free duplicate. This is terrific pricing for the quality they offer, especially in bulk.

Quality & Security

ID God really shows off their seniority when it comes to quality. We have ordered a Florida ID and Everything on the front looks great, from the photo to signature. The UV looks clean and hard to distinguish from a real id. The signature is spot on and looks legit, and the photo for the most part is crisp with minor mistakes. The lamination looks great and can easily pass a bend test. The card scans without issue. The package is sent discretely.

Do we recommend IDGod .com?

It is a great choice. They offer an above average product for a fair price. Their seniority and experience will give you confidence to use their IDs how you please and not have to worry. Their customer service is better than most and answers honestly. Their website may be slightly below the curve, but quality and confidence of the product comes above all else.


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