July 19, 2024

IDGod.org Review

IDGod.org is a Fake ID vendor that claims high quality IDs. They are an obvious scam and charge absurd prices for their IDs in attempt to make a quick dollar off people who do not know better.


Their website is very outdated and inconsistent with text overlapping images and vice versa. It looks like it was made in a rush and is confusing to navigate. It is obvious this website was probably made with a bulk of others in attempt to clutter the market with fake sites to fool people who do not know better.

Customer Service

After ordering, we had attempted contact with their customer service. Expecting quick and quality responses based on their absurdly high, premium pricing, we got anything but. They did not respond to us at any point even after multiple attempts of communication.


Ordering was basic but executed terribly. Their dropdowns for selecting what ID you what is an absolute mess and a clutter of words with useless information in a lot of the selections. They DO NOT sell any IDs for people over the age of 23 and if you select an age over 23, even by accident, they will not send you your id (as if they would in any other case) and will NOT refund your order. We have ordered an Ohio ID 8 weeks ago and have not heard a single thing from customer service, and we are not expecting to receive this ID.


Their pricing is absolutely ridiculous with many IDs reaching $200 for ONE ID. They do offer bulk pricing but even then, the prices are way too high. They accept bitcoin, cash app, and amazon gift card.

Quality & Security

As stated above, we have not obtained our ID and heard nothing from customer service. This is very clearly a scam and they do not try to hide it.

Do we Recommend IDGod.org?

Hell no. They are obvious scammers and make it as clear as day. They have 0 customer service and will not respond to any message. They charge absurd prices in attempt to make a quick buck off people who do not know better to stay away from them. They will NOT send your ID that you had paid for. Certainly, stay away from ID God.


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