December 2, 2022 Review claims to have the best scannable Fake IDs on the market. We had ordered their Florida ID and have not received it. ID God has cut off all communication with us. They appear to be scammers and if you order you will not be receiving your ID.


Overall sloppy and hard to navigate. It has inconsistent pictures and each page is a wall of text. It is very bland and rushed and looks like a way for them to make some quick money.

Customer Service

Their customer service is slow and unprofessional. They seem to log on once a week or 2, lazily answer all their questions then log off. After ordering our ID, we had attempted to contact their customer service to ask about our order. After about a week and a half wait, they told us we would receive it in 2 weeks, which was clearly a lie. After this point they did not reply to any other of our messages and refused to help us.


Ordering is a basic process and just about how you’d expect. Their payment options are limited to Bitcoins and Litecoin, and this is more than likely so you cannot charge back after they receive your payment. We had ordered our ID about 6 1/2 weeks ago and still have not received it and have not heard anything from customer service.


They charge around $100 for each ID, which wouldn’t be terrible for a premium ID but you obviously won’t be receiving an ID from these guys.

Quality & Security

Not much to be said here as we did not and will not receive our ID from these guys. They take money in only nonrefundable methods and cut off all communication with you afterwards. They have made it very obvious what their intentions are.

Do we Recommend

Clearly not. They will take your money and then not send you a thing. This is unquestionably a scam and you should certainly stay away from this vendor.


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