December 2, 2022 Review

Just IDs is a fake ID vendor that claims “Best Fake IDs in the market”. They offer decent middle of the ground area while keeping a modest price.


Their website is a straightforward and simple looking page. It is relatively easy to navigate. They have consistent sample photos of their IDs. They have a very in-depth FAQ page that will help answer many of your questions. There is also a guide which can help you take a photo for your ID if you are unsure. They show you know many IDs are in stock for each state which is a unique bonus.

Customer Service

Their customer service was average and took them around 3-4 days to respond to messages. Their customer service is open M-F which can be limiting to some.


They have a very simple ordering page that is simple to fill out. They have dropdown boxes to make it even easier for people unsure on how to fill out specifics. It will take you no more than 10 minutes to fill it out. They accept Bitcoin, Zelle, and Western Union. Although for both Zelle and Western union they charge an additional percentage. They have a limited amount of states for sale and only offer 6. We received our ID in 3 and a half weeks after ordering.


Their pricing is $80 an ID, with a free duplicate. They give free shipping which is an added bonus. They also offer slightly discounted pricing on bulk orders.

Quality & Security

We had ordered a Pennsylvania ID from them and have received it in about 3 and a half weeks after ordering. The photo looked solid and had minor spots on some areas of the picture that would largely go undetected. The UV on the Pennsylvania ID is no easy task, and that shows. It is a bit sloppy and could be higher quality. The lamination was decent and has no immediate problems. The ghost image seems a tad bit larger than it should be but is placed correctly. The ID seems to scan decently well with little complications.

Do we recommend

Just IDs are a good middle ground ID to purchase if you aren’t looking to break the bank and want something consistent. They had good customer service and got the ID to us in a decent amount of time. Some may find that their limited flexibility of options may be a dealbreaker. If you can purchase your ID with bitcoin to avoid surcharges and want a middle ground ID for basic use, they could be a great match for you.


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