September 25, 2022 Scam Review

MagicFakes is a fake ID vendor that claims premium scannable fake IDs. We have ordered an ID from them 7 weeks ago and have been completely cut off from communication and its obvious that we will not be receiving this ID.


Their website is very messy and cluttered. Their pictures are inconsistent and come in all shapes and sizes. It is not easy on the eyes whatsoever. The colors of the header do not contrast with the text at all and is hard to read. It is obvious that this website was made in a rush for a quick cash grab.

Customer Service

We had attempted contact with customer service multiple times to ask them about the ID we had ordered and not yet received. They had first replied a week later saying it had been “delayed and we will soon be receiving it” and that was the last we had heard from them. They ignored all future communication attempts.


The ordering was an absolute mess and took an excessive amount of time to answer. They did not have anything productive to help anybody who may be new to ordering Fakes. They had very limited payment options and were a complete hassle to order. I think there is an obvious reason to limit their payment options and that is to make it so you are unable to charge back . They claim they have many other scam sites replicating them but they are also them.


They are asking for $40 per ID which is ridiculous. This combined with an astoundingly high $75 express shipping fee. This is considering that they’d even send you an ID in the first place. They want you to order as many IDs as you possibly can with a group order and steal your money. There is very many reviews of this company and I would not waste my time.

Quality & Security

There is not much to review here as we did NOT receive an ID from 7 weeks ago, we had ordered a Rhode Island ID that we have still not received. We have been attempting to contact them and I think they’ve made it very clear we will not be receiving the ID we ordered.

Do we recommend

Very obviously not, unless you like giving your money away to scammers for nothing in return. ABSOLUTELY stay away from this vendor as this is undoubtedly a scam. They will take your money, pretend to be sending you your ID and then completely cut communication with you. They will stay in contact with you until you have sent your money. Once you send your money all communication has ended.


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