December 2, 2022 Review

Alright, this will most likely be a shorter review than usual due to the fact that it’s been more than 3 months and I’ve yet to receive anything from I’ve seen quite a few negative reviews around the internet regarding never receiving Ids.


The design is nice, very fluid and it has a good flow. The images are enticing, the color scheme is nice. Unfortunately the website works mostly on JavaScript, so anybody on TOR will have a bit of trouble placing orders on


The ordering process is a bit odd. As I mentioned before the whole site requires JavaScript to function. Their payment methods are a bit unorthodox, requesting Paypal, also claim to have a NFT Coin which is a 100% Scam. Google play store cards,or Bitcoin. While browsing the website, this was red flag #1. They also claim to sell just about every state, that was red flag #2.


All of their IDs are priced extremely low to entice a customer to order from them just to lose their money which we have expereienced.

Quality & Security

Nothing to say here, the ID never showed up, and probably never existed to begin with.

Do We Recommended

Most certainly would NEVER recommend, I won’t go as far as to call them a scam (yet), however, over 3months without delivery, no response in regards to my order from their support, and plenty of negative reviews on the internet to back up that claim. Scam or not, stay away from they’re shady. 1 point for the web design.


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