December 2, 2022 Review is an online forum that gives reviews of Fake ID vendors. They promote fake and scamming sites while calling many legit sites fake. They deceptively prop up their own sites whilst creating false claims of legit ones. The website itself is effortlessly made as it is copied from a forum template.

Their reviews are not real and completely fabricated. They seem to have given up on this project as the last post was made September 19th, 2019. Many of their accounts are made on nearly identical dates and were last seen on very identical dates as well. Most of the accounts are created and never logged in again after posting. The names of these accounts appear randomly generated. Even if an account is legit, it would be very easy to create smear posts as accounts are anonymous and have no credibility.

Overall, it would be foolish to trust such an amateurish forum. All information received here should be disregarded as there are many other legit places to gather your information while deciding which vendor to purchase a fake from.

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