December 2, 2022 Review

ID Viking is a fake ID vendor that is overall average and offers decent IDs at a premium price. They offer not only USA IDs but Canadian and even some select student IDs.


ID Vikings website is very simply laid out. It is somewhat easy to navigate and offers a decent user experience, but some pages may be overly difficult to find. The pictures they use are inconsistent in quality but get the point across. They have a very in-depth FAQ section that contains a plethora of answers for any questions you might have.

Customer Service

ID Vikings always got back to us within 72 hours of answering a question. This could have definitely been quicker but having a vendor actually reply to you may not always be the case. When we got a reply their customer service was generally pretty decent and made an honest attempt to answer our questions.


ID Viking offers not only USA IDs but also Canadian and student IDs, which is a nice added bonus. The sample pictures are somewhat clunky and inconsistent but get the job done. Filling out your information is fairly streamlined and doesn’t take an excessive amount of time. They offer a helpful guide on how to take a good ID photo to make sure you ID turns out better. We received our ID in about 4 weeks after ordering. They accept Bitcoin, Zelle via transfers, Western Union, and Paypal.


Pricing is going to range from about $90 to $100 per ID. Every ID ordered comes with a free duplicate, which is a nice addition. Their pricing is a bit steep for the quality of the ID provided and there are some better options in this price range.

Quality & Security

ID Viking has an overall average quality on their IDs. We have ordered an Delaware ID from them and it looks good at first glance. At closer look the photo on the ID was a bit off and you can see some inconsistencies on the edge of the photo. The signature on is a bit larger than it should be and seems a bit rushed. Everything else on the front looked great. The UV was a bit sloppy and off center and could be improved. The lamination of the ID looked pretty good at first but quickly began to have minor issues on the edges. The ID seems to sometimes have troubles scanning and can take a couple tries to make it work. This ID would be easily usable at a bar or convenience store, but I’d be worried using it for anything like a liquor store.

Do We recommend

It is a decent choice, but there are much better options in this price range. This ID would be great if it were in the $50-60 range, but it is nearly double that. One plus of ID Viking is their unique IDs they offer but that’s about it. Overall, there are just better choices in this price range.


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