April 17, 2024

FakeYourDrank.com Review

FYD aka Fake Your Drank is a fake ID vendor well known for its quality of best fake ids, reliability and security. They are most notable for their consistency and excellence without breaking the bank. They are completely transparent about your order and are honest about any doubts you may have.


Their website really puts the competition to shame, it is not only professional but extremely easy to navigate. They offer a comprehensive guide on how to take your photo that will allow even the biggest newbie take a perfect picture, with examples of the do’s and don’ts. Their FAQ section answers nearly any question that you may have.


Their order form is outstanding and will take less than 10 minutes to fill out. They offer 4 secure payment methods such as Bitcoin, Western Union, MoneyGram, and Zelle via bank transfer. They are completely honest & consistent on their processing times and offer a rush order option. All of their IDs are completed within 1-3 days of ordered and on average you will receive your ID within 2 weeks.


Each and every ID includes a second copy for FREE. Pricing on most states are $80 for 1 person $60 for 2 or more people and $50 for 4 or more people. Others are $100 for 1, $70 for 2 or more, and $50 for 4 or more. These prices are absolutely exceptional for IDs of such high quality. They charge only $5 for shipping costs. You do not have to break the bank to get quality IDs from this vendor.

Quality & Security

Fake Your Drank includes all the security features that a real ID would have. OVI Holograms, Perforations, UV, raised text, and anything else required to make it look indistinguishable. Everything about the ID is spot on, and the lamination does not peel in the slightest. This is important and is often overlooked by many other vendors, as it could raise red flags. They guarantee that their IDs will scan and swipe as well as pass the bend test and black light test. You do not have to stress over your ID getting confiscated. Their IDs are sent discreetly and disguised as a normal letter.

Do we recommend FakeYourDrank.com?

Absolutely, their clean and friendly website, newbie friendly guides, ease of ordering, and high quality product really sets them apart from other vendors. Their low pricing with no compromise to quality and security on top of that. If you’re looking for a trustworthy vendor then look no further.

Click here to visit their website.


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