December 2, 2022 Review is a fake ID vendor that sells low quality IDs at premium prices.


Their website is very chaotic and outdated. They have a photo guide that goes in depth but lacks photos or examples. Their FAQ page also answers many questions you may have.

Customer Service

Evolved IDs got back to us in about 6 days after submitting our ticket. Their response was uninspiring and was bare minimum.


Ordering from Evolved IDs can be quite a hassle. First, it requires registration, which many will see as an annoyance. Filling out your information on this site is harder than it should be and can take more than 20 minutes to complete even if you have all of your information prepared. A plus to them is they do accept a good amount of payment options, such as Bitcoin, Western Union, MoneyGram, and Zelle. They offer 15 states which is more than some. We received our ID in about 5 weeks after ordering.


You can expect to get an ID for anywhere from $75 to $100, most will be on the higher side. Their pricing is gouged and should be around half of that for the quality they offer. They offer discounting on large bulk orders. These discounts should be what the ID should have cost in the first place if you were ordering just one.

Quality & Security

We ordered a Connecticut ID from them for $95. The price would be fine if they were offering actual high-quality IDs, but they have anything but. The photo itself is low quality and you can see spots around the photo that were either overlooked or just ignored. The ghost image is WAY too big and just looks silly. The UV is low quality and easily distinguishable, same with the OVI. The ID did NOT scan as many times as we tried. The lamination looked decent but more than likely won’t last and won’t pass a bend test. It seems as if whoever made it was either in a rush or new to making fakes. I’d be worried to use this ID at a simple convenience store.

Do we recommend Evolved IDs?

No, we don’t. If this were a $40-50 ID, then it may be a decent choice for someone looking to save money. Even then the quality may not resemble the cost. The price they charge is WAY too high for the product they offer. Their customer service is lackluster and really takes their time to reply. It’s best to stay away from these guys and start looking at other options.


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