December 2, 2022 Review

IDKing is an excellent fake ID vendor who produces exceptional fake IDs at a moderate price point. IDKing is known for having a consistent product with consistent turnaround time.


At first glance, you can already see the professionalism of IDKing. A well designed website with an excellent flow. Everything you need is presented to you as soon as you hit the home page. The website even includes a FAQ page for new customers who might need help with understanding the ordering process. A correct photo guide, shipping estimate, and more are all detailed in the FAQ page.


The ordering process begins with registering an account. As soon as you log in you are presented with 14 states available for order. The ordering process is easy and flows with each page. Concise and to the point. IDKing accepts Bitcoin, Western Union, and Zelle bank transfers. If you do not want to upload an image of your signature, IDKing offers a very smooth signature pad on the order page. Once your order is placed, you are given instructions on how to pay. For Bitcoin, an address and correct BTC amount will be displayed on the screen for payment. Overall the ordering process is simple, concise, and flows very well.


IDKing offers free secondary IDs with every order, which is an amazing deal! Two for one, on top of the already low price. Idking’s prices are very reasonable. The price point is $70-$80, with a 1-3 week turnaround time. The price, combined with consistency in their shipping time and quality, the price is more than fair, it’s a steal!

Quality & Security

This is where IDKing really shines. The quality of the work is consistent with other premium vendors. Their Photoshop work on my portrait was absolutely beautiful (I sent in a very low quality photo, and they still made it work). My signature is exactly how I signed when I uploaded it to the website. The perforations in the New Mexico 1:1, and the OVI hologram is completely accurate with my real ID! The quality is absolutely impeccable.

Do We Recommended

YES! They really are kings! However, I will critique the process slightly and say, the shipments do come from China, so there is a chance for delays. However, IDKing is always transparent with customers with updates. Especially in regards to shippng and delays. All in all, IDKing has most certainly earned the title of KING!


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